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The Artie

November 2021

The National Arts and Letters Commission of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. mandates that each chapter of the sorority develop programs that address the Arts and contribute to the cultural development of its community.  The “ARTIE” presentation is the New Orleans Alumnae Chapter’s signature cultural extravaganza! 

Three chapter members designed the “ARTIE”: Constance W. Lavigne (concepts and design), Marie Short Benoit (special design) and Rachel W. Mercadel (appelator).  The “ARTIE” is one of the sorority’s many successful events.  It has flourished over the past years through the dedication and support of the Arts and Letters Committee and the chapter’s musical ensemble, the Treble Clefs.  Following a four-year hiatus due to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the New Orleans Alumnae Chapter resumed its annual presentation of the “ARTIE” in 2009. 

The “ARTIE” is presented in six genres, which include Drama/Theatre, Literature, Dance, Music, Visual Arts and Patron of the Arts.  This prestigious award is presented to talented individuals and groups in the greater New Orleans area who have made significant contributions to the arts.  In 1996, Dianne P. Wooden introduced the “Rising Star” award.  This award recognizes young persons whose unique abilities enable them to make significant contributions in the arts.