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International Awareness and Involvement

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Greetings, Sorors!

Thank you to everyone who attended our April meeting and to those who communicated their inability to join but have expressed an interest in contributing to our initiatives. Your enthusiasm and dedication to our sorority's mission are truly inspiring. We have several exciting opportunities on the horizon for our committee, and it's clear that we'll need all hands on deck to bring these plans to fruition.

I understand that schedules can be challenging, and not everyone can make it to meetings. I've attached the minutes from our April meeting for your review and please rest assured that there are numerous ways to get involved beyond the meetings. To make sure everyone has a chance to participate in a way that suits them best, we've created a Google form 2024 Planning Survey( with a variety of activities and roles needing your support. From small tasks to significant roles, there's something for everyone, and your willingness to contribute is invaluable. Your involvement is crucial to the success of our upcoming projects, and we deeply appreciate your readiness to lend a hand. Please take a moment to fill out the form and sign up for any activities that interest you. Your input is vital, and we sincerely thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey.

As we look forward to the activities and initiatives planned for the year, a few key events stand out, highlighting our commitment to both our local community and global issues:

World AIDS Month Activities: We are in the early stages of planning several events for World AIDS Month. These activities are designed to raise awareness, offer support, and educate our community on the impact of HIV/AIDS. Participation in these events is a powerful way to contribute to a global cause, and we encourage everyone to get involved. Details on how you can participate will be shared soon, but please indicate your interest via the survey link.

Social Gathering: Before we delve into the larger events, let's not forget the importance of coming together in a more informal setting. We are organizing a late lunch on May 18th at 2 PM, immediately following our sorority meeting. This gathering is an excellent opportunity for us to bond, discuss our plans, and share ideas in a relaxed environment. The location and cost will be determined based on RSVPs, so please confirm your attendance by May 1st. Your prompt response will help us make the necessary arrangements to ensure a delightful and engaging experience for everyone.

First International Festival: Lastly, but certainly not least, we are thrilled to announce the planning of our very first International Festival! This event aims to celebrate the diversity of the many cultures within our community while also highlighting issues that affect women and girls globally. We're collaborating with multiple committees, including the Physical and Mental Health Committee for a walk/run and health fair, and our Economic Development Committee to create a Black Wall Street marketplace. The festival will feature entertainment, food vendors, and activities that reflect the rich tapestry of our community's cultures. Your participation and support in organizing this festival will make a significant difference, and we look forward to making it an unforgettable event.

We are on the brink of some truly meaningful work this year, work that will require the collective effort and passion of each and every one of us. Your contribution, whether big or small, is pivotal in ensuring the success of these undertakings. Thank you once again for your dedication, your enthusiasm, and your willingness to be a part of this journey with us.

Looking forward to your active participation,

Samantha M. Pichon, MPH

Chair, IAI

P.S. Please remember to RSVP for the late lunch by May 1st and fill out the survey to indicate your interests and availability for the upcoming activities. Your input is invaluable to us. Thank you!



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